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4 Ways to Make Capoeira Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

You always thought Capoeira was good for you. A recent study gives clues about how and why.

In a 2014 study of Capoeira and Aikido practitioners, Sports Scientist Dariusz Boguszewski and his team found that martial artists were significantly healthier than the average person. They found that even casual students led healthier lifestyles than non-martial artists.


How does Capoeira make you healthy?

  1. Capoeiristas have healthy nutritional habits.
  2. Capoeiristas seek out health information.
  3. Capoeiristas practice stress relief
  4. Capoeiristas have healthy exercise and sleep habits.


What makes Capoeira such a good fit for a healthy lifestyle?

  • Capoeira develops physical power, endurance, and coordination.
  • Capoeira develops mental concentration, balance, and flexibility.
  • Capoeira involves learning & following a strict code of ethics.
  • Capoeira results in fewer & less severe injuries than soccer, volleyball, or gymnastics.
  • Capoeira is a lifelong sport that can be practiced by people of all ages.


CapoHeads invites you to make Capoeira part of your healthy lifestyle!


(Research cited is from Dariusz Boguszewski and colleagues’ 2014 article “The estimation of health-related behaviours of men practising aikido and capoeira” in Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology (14:2), pp. 41-46.)

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